Things to Know About Lasik Surgery

>> Thursday, June 21, 2018

The Preparation

  • On arrival you will be asked to sign a consent form , then you will be taken into one of our preparation rooms
  • Your eyes will be cleaned and anesthetic eye drops will be instilled to numb your eyes
  • When you are ready ,you will be escorted into the laser room and helped to lie down on the laser couch
  • The doctor will ask you to open both eyes wide and an eyelid holder will be placed to prevent your eye from closing. If you do try to close your eye you will experience some discomfort.
  • You will be asked to look at the blinking light, this light will disappear temporarily whilst the flap is made . Again the doctor will ask you to look at the blinking light.
  • In less than a minute the laser will reshape your cornea and your vision will be corrected 

  • Do have someone to pick you up ,as you will not be able to drive after surgery
  • Arrival times of surgery will be confirmed one day before
  • Don’t wear make-up  .perfume ,Bukoor or nail polish
  • Don’t bring kids or more than one person with you on the day of surgery
  • Do go home and close your eyes for 3-4 hours
  • Do read and follow your prescription order
  • Don’t remove your goggles
  • Don’t wear eyeliner for one month
  • Don’t go swimming (pool/sea) for one month
  • Don’t practice any contact sports without protective glasses for the first 3 months
  • Dry eyes are common problems after vision correction
  • At Muscat Eye Laser Center we know how uncomfortable they can be and how they can affect your quality of life . That’s why we recommend you have Lasik plugs fitted as part of your after care.
  • The unique device is inserted into the tear duct and promotes natural lubrication to your eyes .The Lasik plugs gradually dissolves over a period of 3-months providing you with relief from experiencing the discomfort of eyes.
  • As part of your post Lasik treatment we recommend the insertion of Lasik plugs on your first follow-up appointment.


Doctor Johanna Fusk Testimonial - Germany

>> Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The black doors slide open, I enter in a cool, clean room and I look into the friendly smiling face of a woman who is standing behind the reception desk. "Al Salam Alaikum," she says "and welcome to the Muscat Eye Laser Center. May I help You?"
These were the first impressions of my two weeks of internship in the MELC, in the sultanate of Oman on the Arabian peninsula.
I was looking forward to learn more about ophthalmology but I did not expect it to become so interesting. Every day I could join one of the doctors who are mainly from Colombia or the Philippines and have an outstanding education in eye medicine. They explained a lot to me although they thad to see a lot of patients every day. I especially appreciated their drawings to make some things more clear to me and sometimes the doctors also showed me videos or presentations about different techniques to do surgery. It was very helpful that I could practise to use the slit lamp and so I got the feeling how I have to turn on the lights and how I have to move the different devices.
Apart from that I was allowed to go to the surgery room and so I could learn more about laser treatments. The MELC provides their patients the highest technological standard in ophthalmology and together with the skills of the doctors, the patients can expect perfect results. In the field of refractive surgery, this center is one of the leading clinics in the arabic world and the doctors regulary take part at international conferences. Besides they also do scientific work and have a lot of publications.
But I also enjoyed to get an interesting insight in the omanese culture by observing the interaction between the patients, their relatives and the doctors.
Of course the whole staff also told me a lot about their experiences and they come from all over the world. So it is a multicultural team and I had the feelings that it also helps to create this special feeling of openess, respect and tolerance.

In conclusion I can say that my interest in ophthalmology increased during the two weeks of internship and I am very grateful towrads the doctors and the staff that they have provided me this unique chance!

Thank You, Schukran or Muchas Gracias!!!


Check out the New - No touch, no flap "LASIK" - SmartSurfACE

>> Tuesday, April 3, 2018

SmartSurfACE is an innovative eye laser surgery method that works without touching the eye. It combines the benefits of touch-free TransPRK surface treatment with innovative SmartPulse technology.
The result is clear vision, with none of the side effects possible with other methods. This touch-free laser vision correction is non-invasive, safe, gentle and stressless. It’s an easy way to enter the world of better vision.
In SmartSurfACE there is no contact with the eye. Vision is precisely corrected through the top layer of the cornea – no blade, no flap, no suction of the eye, and no cutting into the cornea.

Laser treatment is done at the surface of the cornea. No cut is made into the cornea, meaning no cut or flap complications. This non-invasive procedure offers the highest safety in terms of corneal stability, meaning higher long-term safety for the patient.


This eye laser surgery is performed in just one step with just one laser, the SCHWIND AMARIS
excimer laser. This provides shorter treatment time.


Top 10 reasons to choose Muscat Eye Laser Center for Laser Eye Surgery

>> Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Top 10 reasons to choose Muscat Eye Laser Center for Laser Eye Surgery

Our patients choose us for a variety of reasons. Here is a list of the top 10:
1. World renowned results
The clearest evidence of any laser eye surgeon’s skill is his or her results. At Muscat Eye Laser Center, our patients can be confident that they will receive the best possible results. Over the 80000 (TO BE CONFIRMED) successful surgeries done and counting, Muscat Eye Laser Center maintains unparalleled standards of treatment quality and clinical outcomes.
2. Leading Eye Care experts
We have handpicked our team of highly skilled and experienced surgeons, nurses and medical experts. With world-renowned accomplishments and extensive contributions to the field of ophthalmology, our team is experienced to handle the most complex of eye conditions that many others decline to treat.
In appreciation of our expertise, standards of quality and patient care, we are regularly featured in the press, and are proud to have been recognized as the Best Eye Center in Oman 2016. We have also been accredited with both ACHSI and ISO quality certifications
3. Rigorous screening – We get it right the first time
We’re confident our Laser Eye Surgery screening will be the most comprehensive eye exam you’ve ever had. As experts in eye care, we understand the complexities and the uniqueness of every eye. Using sophisticated measurement tools found nowhere else in Oman, tests and a variety of scans, we ensure that every detail of your eye is considered before making our recommendations.
4. Suitable for 99% of people
With our pioneering technology and treatment methods, we can safely treat patients who have been told they are not suitable for Laser Eye Surgery at other clinics.
5. We are invested with Schwind’s latest and advanced technologies
Muscat Eye Laser Center is teamed-up with SCHWIND eye-tech-solutions, one of the technological world leaders in refractive and therapeutic corneal surgery, to bring the most accurate corneal scanners in the world to Oman, which allows us to safely treat patients that other clinics aren’t able to consider.
6. Goodbye to reading glasses
Many patients come to us in search of freedom from reading glasses. Through our unique laser eye treatment which counters the effects of ageing in the eyes, we successfully deliver that freedom and more.
7. High staff to patient ratio.
A handpicked team with a commitment to deliver the highest possible standards of care.
8. Goodbye to eye wrinkles
We offer complete botox treatment to manage skin aging symptoms around the eyes
9. More specialist training
Our laser eye surgeons are all Fellowship corneal specialists with expertise in every aspect of Laser Eye Surgery.
10. First Omani center to offer 7D safest laser.
Turning Laser Eye Surgery into a ‘keyhole’ procedure, Schwind Amaris 1050 RS 7D can treat wide range of patients with unbelievable stability.


muscat eye laser center

>> Wednesday, March 22, 2017


muscat eye laser center


The SCHWIND AMARIS 1050RS is the product of continuous development work and is the most powerful excimer laser in the AMARIS product family.

The innovative laser system delivers an unsurpassed repetition rate of 1050 Hz – currently the highest of all excimer lasers on the market – and consequently an extremely short ablation time of just 1.3 seconds per dioptre. That means even greater safety and comfort for the patient. 

The risk of the cornea drying out is minimised, and the length of time the patient has to fixate on the green light is reduced. It is a performance leap that brings maximum safety and enhanced patient comfort.

Active 7D eye tracking means that the SCHWIND AMARIS 1050RS combines space and time in an innovative technology without latency time. 

The ground-breaking ‘Latency-Free Tracking’ takes account of eye movements occurring during the period between acquisition of the eye-tracker image and triggering of the subsequent laser pulses – thus, the new target position is known in advance. The ablation process without any latency error offers the patient even more precision.


Muscat Eye Laser Center

We are one of the leading Eye Centers in the Sultanate of Oman. We opened our doors in May 2002 and have since strived to provide the most advanced quality eye care in the Sultanate and throughout the region.

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