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World Renowned Cataract Surgeon Coming to Oman

Muscat Eye Laser Center proudly presents, Professor Takayuki Akahoshi, who is famous for his incredible precision with over 70,000 successful surgeries and has operated on VIPs and state heads.
Also being the inventor of the Akahoshi Micro Combo Pre-chopper, he is by far one of the best surgeons available for you at the Muscat Eye Laser Center
from 18-20 October 2010.

With better vision and beyond, nothing should stop you from your active lifestyle.

To book your surgery call 9405 1535 today.

Muscat Eye Laser Center reaches out to the Ministry of Education and Sablah members

Muscat Eye Laser Center has joined hands with the Ministry of Education to offer special discounts and complimentary check-ups to teachers. In addition, Muscat Eye Laser Center has re-enforced its support to the Ministry for any new initiative that it undertakes.

The Ministry of Education lauded the initiative taken by Muscat Eye Laser Center. Hashim al-Moosawi, Head of Employee Benefits Section, Staff Care Department, said, “The Ministry of Education has always made efforts to provide the best healthcare to the public by forging a strong relation between the public and private sector. The offer by the Center to provide free check-up for the teachers and the administrative staff of the ministry is a step in this direction. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Muscat Eye Laser Center and the CEO Mr. Sameer for their co-operation and hope this paves the way for other private companies to take similar initiatives as well.”

“While we have taken steps to support the Ministry of Ed…

"LASIK safe in our hands"

LASIK safe in our hands, is a new website developed by the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons (ESCRS) to provide accurate and up-to-date information about LASIK (laser refractive eye surgery).

The site has been produced in 2010 European year of LASIK – the 20th anniversary of the first LASIK surgery – but it will be continually updated to ensure that it reflects the latest information and techniques.