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23 March 2011, Muscat: Cataract is one of the most common vision problems affecting a large percentage of people; but new strides in the field are increasingly making it much easier to eradicate. Leading the way in Oman is Muscat Eye Laser Center that is offering safe and effective procedures with better results and faster recovery time under the expert guidance of Dr. Jose Lievano, a cataract surgeon with more than 11 years of experience.

Contrary to popular belief, a cataract is not a ‘film’ over the eye – it is a gradual thickening of the lens that causes the lens to become so clouded that light is either distorted or cannot reach the back of the eye (the retina) for transmission to the brain. When left untreated, cataracts will eventually cause blindness in most cases.

“This condition initially reduces the brightness of colours, decreases night vision, increases glare at night and gradually makes the vision blurrier until normal activities can not be accomplished without help from others,” explains Dr. Jose Lievano.

Muscat Eye Laser Center stresses the importance of early intervention at the first signs of blurry vision. In fact, experts suggest cataract removal as soon as it is diagnosed even before one starts to encounter major problems with vision as it could cause hindrance in treatment of other eye related problems such as age related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy or retinal detachment.

With the introduction of the latest Pre-chopping surgery technique, Muscat Eye Laser Center is entering a new era in cataract surgery. The new Lumera 700 microscopy, Infiniti OZIL Alcon Phaco machine offers much more protection to the cornea than any other phaco machine available in the international market.

Even though cataract surgery is not a refractive procedure, technology has advance to the point that it is possible to determine the precise refractive outcome of the patient and provide the best possible visual acuity post-operatively. To achieve this, the Center recently acquired IOL master 500 that is the latest and most accurate technology in selecting the right intra-ocular lens for each individual eye which combined with the expertise evaluation of an ophthalmologist, provides the best possible results.

The main goal at the Center is not only to get rid of the cataract but re-establish the ocular function to the maximum. With special intra-ocular lenses such as the Restor Alcon diffractive lens, vision can be restored not only for far but also for medium and near distances, with no need of glasses most of the time.

Jointly established by Sameer Al Awam and Dr. Maria Clara Arbelaez in April 2002, Muscat Eye Laser Center is Oman’s leading eye care centre specialising in refractive surgery using advanced technology and procedures. Centrally located in Qurum, the Center has two fully equipped operating theatres, six consultation and meeting rooms, six diagnostic and four preparation rooms. It has been recently accredited with the ISO 9001:2008 certification for quality system.

The specialist team is led by Dr. Maria Clara Arbelaez, an internationally recognised corneal transplant and refractive surgeon from Colombia with over 20 years of experience in Latin America, the Caribbean and the Middle East. She is known for her precision having performed over 50,000 successful surgeries. For more information, visit the website


Muscat Eye Laser Center

We are one of the leading Eye Centers in the Sultanate of Oman. We opened our doors in May 2002 and have since strived to provide the most advanced quality eye care in the Sultanate and throughout the region.

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