Muscat Eye Laser Center welcomes back Dr Maria after overseas research stint

>> Wednesday, October 12, 2011

8 October 2011, MUSCAT – Muscat Eye Laser Center, the Sultanate’s leading eye-care clinic, is delighted to announce the return of its Medical Director, Dr Maria Clara Arbelaez, after a three-month-long overseas tour to pursue her longstanding passion for research.

Dr Maria, an internationally recognised corneal transplant and refractive surgeon, is highly regarded for her pioneering work in the diagnosis, treatment and management of a variety of vision impairments. Her contribution to the advancement of international ophthalmology research is complemented by her unrivalled expertise as an eye-care specialist – accomplishments that are reflected in the world-class standards of Muscat Eye Laser Center.

Aside from her research work, focusing on various aspects of refractive corneal surgery, Dr Maria also had the distinct honour of addressing a meeting of experts of the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons in Vienna last month.

During the weeklong forum, which ran from September 15 to 21, Dr Maria joined other distinguished colleagues in deliberations on current surgical techniques in the management of keratoconus – a degenerative disorder of the eye. They also weighed on the comparative benefits between the traditional UV-CXL and trans-epithelial methods of treating keratoconus.

A companion symposium held on the sidelines of the Vienna forum focused on leading technologies in Refractive Surgery. Dr Maria’s mastery of cutting-edge refractive surgery techniques was amply borne out in her presentations on ‘Ablation volume and postoperative refraction in exclimer laser myopic correction measured with scheimplug imaging’, as well as on ‘Rolling and Z movements measured with the 6D eye-tracker of the Schwind Amaris total-tech laser’.

Earlier, Dr Maria had travelled to Beijing, China to attend a meeting of users of Schwind Amaris equipment, which has come to redefine perfection in refractive corneal surgery. Dr Maria, whose proficiency in the use of Schwind Amaris systems has been honed over the past four years, was invited to deliver a presentation on this new generation of excimer lasers.

Jointly established by Sameer Al Awam and Dr. Maria Clara Arbelaez in April 2002, Muscat Eye Laser Center is Oman’s foremost eye care centre specialising in refractive surgery using advanced technology and procedures. Centrally located in Qurum, the center has two fully equipped operating theatres, six consultation and meeting rooms, six diagnostic and four preparation rooms. It has been accredited with the ISO 9001:2008 certification for quality system.

The specialist team is led by Dr. Maria Clara Arbelaez, a reputed corneal transplant and refractive surgeon from Colombia with over 20 years of experience in Latin America, the Caribbean and the Middle East. She is known for her precision having performed over 50,000 successful surgeries. For more information, visit the website


Muscat Eye Laser Center

We are one of the leading Eye Centers in the Sultanate of Oman. We opened our doors in May 2002 and have since strived to provide the most advanced quality eye care in the Sultanate and throughout the region.

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